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For Development Officers

You’ve read the book, now what?

Here are three easy steps for leveraging The Third Bucket to help guide you through the process and raise more funds for your organization.

1. Read It

Get the most impact from the ideas in the book by experiencing it for yourself. Read your copy, take notes and list actions on who you can approach with these ideas.

2. Share It

Share copies with your board and major donors to your organization. Inspire them to read the book and learn of a powerful way to make an impact.

3. Connect

Take the time to guide your board members and donors to a knowledgeable supportive advisor, (Don’t know one? click here) and to Donor Advised Fund, such as National Christian Foundation or WaterStone. These two groups will act as a conduit for receiving funds in your organization.

Richard Cope

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Randy Brunson

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Contact Randy Brunson

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