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NCF: Maintain oversight of your business, save taxes, and send more to charity than you ever thought possible

Your business is most likely your single greatest financial investment. Why not make it count for the Kingdom? With our Charitable Shareholder strategy, you can do just that ... today. Learn how you can donate a non-voting interest in your business, receive a substantial tax deduction, and still maintain management oversight of the company.

NCF: Maximize the Sale of Your Business

Only a select group of entrepreneurs ever have the opportunity to sell their successful company for a sizeable gain. Many of these business owners have a heart to give charitably, but don’t know where to turn for wise counsel in the midst of a liquidity event. National Christian Foundation (NCF) has an innovative solution that allows you to donate a non-voting interest in your business to us right before the sale, receive a substantial tax deduction, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the gifted interest, and convert those tax dollars into more giving for your favorite ministries. - National Christian Foundation