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Kingdom Advisors Annual Conference Sponsor Announcement

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With less than one week to go before the annual Kingdom Advisors Conference, we are excited to meet you at the event.  The team from The Third Bucket, looks forward to seeing you in Orlando, and helping introduce you to the concept of The Third Bucket.

The Third Bucket movement is designed to inspire and facilitate the giving of privately held business assets for Kingdom work.  It is the strong belief and experience of the authors of The Third Bucket that lives are transformed through this process.  This includes the transformed lives of those around the world who are being served by ministries and non-profits, the transformed lives of those who work for the ministries, as they see God’s faithfulness in supplying their need for His calling, and the transformed lives of the donors, as they apply their business skills to their giving, just as they have to their business.

The Third Bucket team is excited about partnering with Kingdom Advisors, as KA advisors around the country are in a unique position to serve those business owners who are inspired to take action as a result of reading The Third Bucket.

We look forward to hearing the stories of Kingdom Advisors whose clients, and others within their circle of influence, have used the concepts of The Third Bucket to facilitate the giving of business assets for Kingdom work.

Please stop by our booth, number 27, and get your free copy of The Third Bucket. 

We look forward to meeting you in Orlando.

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